My name is Nat Withe. Some might known me as withnat. I am a Thai tech geek. Originally from Chonburi, I now live in Bangkok, Thailand. I’m currently working as a Full Stack PHP Web Developer.

I spend my days with my hands in many different areas of web development from back end programming (PHP) to front end engineering (HTML, CSS, and jQuery/JavaScript), digital accessibility, user experience and visual design.

I’m extremely passionate about web development and design in all it’s forms and helping small businesses and artisans build and improve their online presence.

Aside from web development, I enjoy spending my time with my girlfriend, brewing beer, taking photos and cycling.

What hardware do I use?

I’m typing this on a Thinkpad X220. It’s a great machine with room for a 256GB SSD, analog and digital video ports, and a classic Thinkpad keyboard. Alas, Lenovo switched to island style keybords in 2012, so I will depend on online auctions for a steady supply of used X220 in the future.

I recently acquired an iPhone SE after my trusty, almost 3 year old iPhone 5s got too slow.

And what software?

I currently run Linux Mint on the Thinkpad. I’ve been a big fan of Free Software for 13 years. A lot of my work revolves around text files (code, journal, notes, ..) so the three pieces of software I probably interact with most are Gedit, PhpStorm and Git. Most of the time I write bash, PHP or JavaScript.

My website here uses WordPress respectively. I believe that opensource software can help the developing country like Thailand to guarantee those who has relatively low income to have access to the technologies and informations.